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DVS 7, is the latest Invibes DJ Music Mixer for Windows
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DVS 7, is the latest Invibes DJ Music Mixer for Windows, it s a great program to make music mixes on your PC because tt has everything you need to create spectacular blends and more.
Broadly said that it provides automatic adjustment of BPM, synchronizing
songs and adjusting them if they wish, individual adjustment of speed, tempo and pitch, reverse playback of the song.
One of the features that distinguished it from the rest, it is a crossfader tool, which allows mixing song by song like any other mixer but also allows for channels individually, that is, mixing media, or severe acute with whimsy.
It has already created scripts and you can create your own, so that you can
combine several purposes or actions by simply pressing a button.
It allows you to apply effects on different part of the the song, add effects of vinyl, add power, do scratch, apply effects, and endless possibilities that you will discover while enjoying mixing your music (WAV, MP3 or WMA).
Actually , it also allows you to record your mix, simply click the "Rec" and this is recorded (WAV format) for posterity (even in the trial version)

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  • Integrated crossover tool
  • Special effects included


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